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Does Your Business Retirement Need a Review

Are you satisfied with the state of your company’s 401(k)?

Are your employees fully participating? Who do they contact with questions – and how quickly do they receive answers? Do you feel like your company is capably fulfilling its fiduciary responsibility?

Many companies aren’t happy with their plan.

It may be a service issue; it may be a desire to find a cheaper or more appealing alternative to the plan now in place. Having many years of experience with 401(k) programs, I am familiar with these issues, and I have helped businesses address them.

Is there room for improvement?

If you’re having problems, I’d like to learn more. I’m ready to listen and apply my knowledge, education, and experience to the issues at hand. Call or email me today – I regularly consult companies about their retirement programs and help owners, HR officers, and employees make informed decisions.

Let’s see what we can do together. I hope to hear from you soon!

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