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Receiving A Paycheck for Life

You have worked hard and decided it’s finally time to kick back or step out! Whatever your desire for retirement you will likely start using the wealth you have accumulated. Welcome to the distribution phase of your financial future. 

While simple in idea, it can be complicated in execution. The economy, taxes, inflation, and market volatility can all have substantial impacts on the best laid plans. By creating a retirement roadmap that integrates your income needs with thorough tax planning we can develop a plan that helps maximize your cash flow and minimize your tax liability.

Determining how much and when to withdraw money from your investment portfolio in retirement to supplement other sources of income—such as Social Security or pension plan distributions—is critical to pursuing your long-term income needs.

Having a strategy in place can help:

  • Curb overspending in the early stages of retirement, so you can avoid income shortfalls later
  • Prepare for the unexpected, such as a serious illness or the death of a spouse
  • Replace uncertainty with confidence, which can lead to a more enjoyable retirement

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of a retirement distribution strategy or want to review your current strategy to ensure it’s working for you, contact the office to schedule time to talk.

Keeping your plan flexible will allow you to adjust to your changing needs. We will guide you through the process of shaping a plan that can adapt to you.

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